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Marta Acosta

This week: Marta Acosta!I came across Marta Acosta's Casa Dracula novels a few years ago and found them thoroughly enjoyable. At the height of the vampire's popularity, the fresh perspective and interesting turn in their portrayal was fun, flirty and kept me reading! But - aside from enjoying these books, I reached out to Marta and she took some time to answer questions for The Writer's Pane! *Cue the fangirl moment* Take a look at her answers - plus some bonus material as well!

Name: Marta Acosta Social Media: Facebook: @martaacosta or Twitter:@martaacosta Genre:multigenre

Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration from day dreaming and ranting. I’ll start ranting about a topic and a spark will go off.

Which character in literature do you associate yourself with the most?
The beauty of fictional characters is that they are fictional. I want characters to live perfectly in their own little worlds, never aging, untouched by reality. That said, I h…

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