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Dina Leacock

This week: Dina Leacock!The question of pen names often comes up among writers - to use or not to use? Dina Leacock is one who did utilize a nom de plume, as Diane Arrelle. Take a look at her answers to The Writer's Pane questions below!

Name: Dina Leacock pen name Diane Arrelle Social Media: Facebook:,
Twitter: @DinaLeacock
Instagram: @JerseyPinesInk
Genre:Horror, Humor, Fantasy, Mystery

Where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere. So many times I've been in conversation and someone will say something innocent and I suddenly get a chill and think, "Wow is there a story there!"
Social media is a new place for inspiration, and I'm not saying that kindly toward social media. Other writers inspire me to think and sometimes stories I read don't go where I wanted then to go and I get ideas for other stories that have nothing to do with what I actually read.

Which character in l…

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