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Hildy Silverman

This week: Hildy Silverman!This week we are featuring a writer and publisher! Hildy Silverman publishes Space and Time Magazine. But here on The Writer's Pane, Hildy talks about more than just writing - check out her answers below!

Name: Hildy Silverman Social Media: Facebook:
Twitter: @SpaceandTimeMag Genre:Science fiction, fantasy, horror, urban fantasy/mystery

Where do you find inspiration?
Story ideas have always just popped into my head constantly. Some are triggered by coming across a particular sight, say an artfully arranged pile of rocks on an otherwise empty trail in the woods, or an incident like when a young boy at a con got his loose shoe sole sucked into the bottom of an escalator, scraping his foot and drawing blood. It can be a sound, a smell, or just rise out of nowhere while I'm performing simple tasks like doing the laundry.

Which character in literature do you associate yourself with the most?
I …

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