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This Week: Jim Knipp!

When I was in college, I had the privilege of going to the Philadelphia's Writer's Conference for the first time with a scholarship sponsored by my English Professor. It was one of the best choices I could have made with some life-changing experiences! Today's interview is with Jim Knipp, President of PWC. 

Name: Jim Knipp
Website: knippknopp.com
Genre: Mixed…lean towards speculative fiction (horror, fantasy), occasionally literary, as well as humor. Pretty much exclusively short fiction.

Where do you find inspiration?  
Mostly the world around me. People at the bus stop, a headline that catches my eye, and that eternally provocative question “what if?"

Which character in literature do you associate yourself with the most?  
Probably Miles Coverdale from the Blithedale Romance.  Something about his sense of removal, of observing the world, but not quite being part of it.   

Which piece of your writing was the most entertaining/enjoyable to write? Why?   
Oh jeez, that’s a tough one.  I’d probably have to go with “No Fun Joe’ which was the story I published in Long Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey.  The whole thing pretty much came to me whole cloth in the pre-dawn hours of a bachelor party, and by the time I was ready to put it to paper, it was pretty much written in my head already. I’m actually a pretty lazy person, so any story that writes itself is my favorite story!

Was the first novel you published the first you ever wrote? What was?  
That remains to be seen….since I haven’t finished writing a novel yet. 

When I’m not writing I’m usually…..
Making excuses for why I can’t write today….or planning the next Philadelphia Writers’ Conference!

If you could tell or ask any character in literature or film anything, what would it be? (and where is the character from?)
I'd ask Gandalf what really happens to those boats going to the "Undying Lands,"  I've always suspected that whole journey to the West thing was some sort of ruse....a lie to lure them off of Middle Earth where they'd get eaten by dragons or blown up by the Dread Pirate Roberts or something.  Which probably tells you waaay too much about my general outlook on life!

If you had lived a different life, made different choices, what would you be doing now?  
Still sometimes wish I had stuck to the plan and gotten into teaching, especially at the college level.  

What are five things you couldn’t do without?  
My family, ice cream, comfortable clothes, rock and roll of any type, a quiet place to retreat to.

Author Bio: Jim is a graduate of Rutgers College with a BA in English. He is the creator of the humor blog KnippKnopp and a frequent contributor to the pop culture site Biff Bam Pop. He has had work published in Philly Flash Inferno and the anthologies Long Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey and In a Flash.  Jim’s first book, Everything You Need to Know About Being a Grandfather, will be published in 2019.


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